Date Posted
7th Mar 2021

We are back to normal again


We are back to normal this week. So see you all at your normal times.

North Islands - We have 31 entries so far and only 1 is from Waikato. So please get your entries in sooner rather than later. Its takes me hours and hours of work to get the schedule together. So the more info I have earlier the better. If not sure of your skills level talk to you coach. I can change a week out if need be.

For most learn to dive divers the event will be a bit early for you. We plan to run an event just for you in early May. Watch this space. We have identifed some learn to divers who could complete. We will discuss with you this week.

Cassie is going to run a Judging course shortly. We have some divers and parents having shown interest. Please let me know if you would like more info.

See ya all this week.